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Book 3 of the 'Suncookers by B. W. Edwards
is currently in development!
Look for it on shelves and online in 2023.

New Release!

33 Miracles by A.P. Vasko

Daniel is 16 and completely alone. His father is in prison, his mother is in the graveyard. His only direction comes from his mother's passing gifts – a Bible, a Miraculous Medal, and a spiritual journal guiding him through the Catholic Faith. Along with these items, and a job at the local grocery store, he sets out to 'pray for others more than he prays for himself.' The result is 33 miracles occurring to 33 different people, over the course of three years, with a most unexpected outcome.

Available now!

'Suncookers: The Nighthawk by B.W. Edwards

Follow Charlie and Abby when they take a canoe trip to Nicatou to visit Awasosqua, Abby’s grandmother. People are dying in her village, but there’s a cure and Charlie and Abby are the only ones who can bring it home. The only problem is that it can only be found a long time ago, in the shadow of the Nighthawk’s homeland where Charlie has to face the black wings.

Kiki and Lexi Graduate in the Pandemic!

by Martina Macáková, and Taylore Aussiker

Available now at BookBaby,
local bookstores around
New Hampshire, and at

A heartwarming bilingual story about Kiki and Lexi, two rescue dogs from New Hampshire, as they stay home after the pandemic causes the school closings. How will they cope with this sudden change?

Un cuento bilingüe reconfortante sobre Kiki y Lexi, dos perros rescatados de New Hampshire, los cuales se quedan en casa después de los cierres de las escuelas causados por la pandemia. ¿Cómo van a superar este cambio tan repentino?